Frequently Asked Questions
How does this work?

MyLuckyPatch is a type of lottery built into a map, the cool part is it's fun and totally free. You grab a patches of land near you on a map, each patch you grab gives you an entry into daily draw. Just after midnight, Bob chooses a patch at random, if it's yours you'll' win cash (as described below). Each day you visit the site you can earn more patches and increase your Personal Bonus. The more patches you have, the higher your chances of winning, the higher your Personal Bonus - the more cash you will win. There's tons of other fun features and surprises built into the site too including a 'Spot Bob Instant Win' - all we can say is look out for Bob in you're map each day.

How do you claim and get paid?

Each day, visit the Lucky Patches page and click claim to see if you have won. If you have won we will pay your winnings to you via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, we suggest that you set one up.

How come this is free, what's' the catch?

We make money from the sponsors and adverts you see on the site, this is how we fund your prizes for free. If you have something you would like to advertise, you'll be surprised by the returns we provide, so contact us today.

My patches or bonuses have disappeared!!

No they haven't, you've probably just logged on with the wrong email address silly billy!

My map is showing a 'random location', how do I get my real location?

You need to allow your browser to share it's location with How to do this depends on your device and the browser you're' using, so it's worth Googling it in the first instance. The site works best on smartphones as GPS is used to pinpoint your location so you can literally draw lines on the world as you walk. If you use a laptop over WIFI then a third party database is used to find your location, which isn't very accurate and can change.

My map is filling up, what do I do?

The area in which you can grab patches expands as it fills up, so just scroll to the edges to find available patches.

How come people have one more than once in quick succession?

If you look at our winners page you'll notice that some lucky people have one more than once with the same week. Whereas this looks either alarming or exciting to some, it's quite a natural outcome that we call the 'double win phenomenon'. This is whereby someone wins, they then share their referral link on Facebook for example, stating that they have actually won (a strong message to newbies) which attracts a high number of new registrations - then the original winner earns tons more patches, their chances of winning rapidly increases over a short period and they win again. The phenomenon is further compounded by people who have been playing for ages, have tons of patches and have given up - this then occasionally tips the balance to newbies with big friend circles.

Why didn't I get my referral bonus for inviting a friend?

You need to make sure that your friend validated their email address by clicking on the link that we sent them when they signed up. You can find your referral link here.

How do I change my email?

Just contact us here and tell us your old email and your email address, we'll sort the rest out for you.